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The Introduction of our Heroine and her Lord and their First Night of Passion

At the command of my Lord, I , Scherazade, will attempt to relate my adventures 
in the service of my Lord, the great Sultan of Baalbeek. Oh denizens of this 
fair land, gather round and hear how I alone survived 1001 nights with the great 
Sultan and have now become his erotic queen.

First know, that my Lord is a beauteous and kindly king and I gladly do service 
to him. His heart was hurt by a traitorous woman who caused him to believe that 
he could only enjoy the pleasures of a woman for one night. I, upon seeing his 
goodly form and deep teal eyes, knew that I must win him as my own by offering 
myself completely to him. I vowed that I would only exist for his pleasure and 
by such existence, I would experience such erotic delights that many have only 

My story begins as follows:

I was brought to the great Sultan's palace as a slave, being bound to my Lord's 
service as a tribute from my father's house. In my father's house, I was 
unusually educated by a great courtesan who taught me all secrets of erotic 
pleasures, including story-telling, music, dance, the uses of scent and sight to 
entice the desires. I came into my Lord's service as a virgin, yet a 
knowledgeable one. My virginity was to be a one night gift and then I was to 
disappear into the harem along with hundreds of other women who give pleasure 
for a night.

My first sight of my Lord pleased me greatly, for he was tall and broad 
shouldered with a pleasing visage and great strong hands. From the first time I 
saw his hands, I desired them on my body, pinching my sweet nipples, caressing 
my nether lips. I knelt in obedience before him and proclaimed, "My Lord, I am 
yours to use as you please, " and I bowed low before him. Now I am an exotic 
beauty, olive skinned and buxom with large pleasing hazel eyes. I was dressed as 
befits a slave girl, in transparent pantaloons and a brief top that barely 
covered my bosoms. My Lord looked upon me with great desire and ordered me 
brought to his chamber for the night. His purpose was to deflower me and send me 
on my way like so many others.

That night, I came to his chamber with aromatic oils and great desire to please 
and be pleased. As I entered the chamber, I noticed that he sat alone, on a 
great bed with pillars at all four ends. My pleasure knob, began to throb at the 
sight of him. I could feel myself becoming flooded with desire for him and I 
blushed that he had such power over me. "If it pleases my Lord," I whispered, my 
head bowed low, "I have brought such oils to relieve your tensions and heighten 
your pleasures." My Lord was surprised at my readiness to please and he asked me 
to be naked in his presence so that he might enjoy the sights of my body. I 
immediately took off the flimsy garments which covered my now erect nipples and 
my passionate lower lips and I could see by his rapidly growing shaft that my 
Lord was indeed enamored of my parts.

I moved over to the bed and slowly undressed my Lord, until he was completely 
naked. I took a bottle of secret oils, containing rose, and myrrh, and bergamot, 
and other potions which I care not to reveal, and I proceeded to warm the oil in 
my hands. Starting at my Lord's feet, I slowly massaged the oil into his feet 
and his ankles. I could not help but kiss such beauteous feet as I touched them, 
and my Lord was visibly moved by such action. I massaged my way up his legs 
taking care to avoid touching his by now incredible weapon of pleasure. "My 
Lord," I asked demurely, "would it please you for me to massage your great 
shoulders and back." My Lord's eyes seemed dreamy as he nodded and I proceeded 
to continue my massage, down his neck and back. As I moved over to his chest, I 
could not help but lower my mouth to suck and kiss his nipples. He moaned with 
great delight and I could see his desire begin to leak from the mouth of his 
shaft. I knew that such essences should never be wasted, so I boldly asked, 
"please my Lord, may I taste you?" He reacted in such surprise by my boldness, 
and yet did me the great honor of nodding his approval. I knelt in front of him 
as he sat on the bed and I took each of his jewels into my mouth, slowly and 
tenderly licking and sucking on his sacks of pleasure. He moaned and held my 
head so that I would not stop. I removed his jewels only to lick the beginnings 
of his essence from the tip of his shaft. He tasted so good that I craved more. 
I looked at him intensely and boldly as I licked the tip of his shaft, taking 
him slowly in and out of my mouth. As I withdrew him, my eyes
engaged his and I begged, "if it pleases my Lord, I am hungry for your 
essences." His eyes were as deep as the sea as he nodded his approval. I 
proceeded to take him deep into my throat and slowly withdraw him, using my 
tongue to lick every part of his delectable shaft. His hands went to my breasts 
and he began to pinch my nipples, making me moan in passion for him. I continued 
teasing him in this manner, until he began to thrust in and out of my mouth, 
reaching deeper, it seemed into my throat. Finally, his torture could not 
continue and his essences flooded into my mouth. I hungrily drank all that he 
could give me and kept him there until he was at rest. "Scherazade," he 
whispered, "no one has ever pleasured me so well." "Please, my Lord," I begged, 
"may I share the taste of your passion with you?" He smiled in pleasure and I 
climbed on the bed with him and kissed him deeply and passionately on the lips, 
exchanging the taste of his passion from my mouth to his. My body was alive with 
passion for him and I craved more of his taste.

Three more times that night, I pleasured my Lord in this manner. As the light of 
dawn crept into the bedchamber, and I had tasted my Lord's passion for the 
fourth time, I crawled into his arms and pressed my naked body to his. "Lord," I 
whispered, "I am still a virgin and would like to have you taste my passion 
before I am sent away from you forever." "Tomorrow night, sweetheart," he 
promised me as the guards came and brought me back to the harem for the day. 

And thus, our first night had ended, and my Lord thirsted for more of my

The Second Night of Our Pleasures - We Feast

Oh Denizens of this fair, fantastical land, I bow before you and beg of you to 
listen again, while I tell of my 2nd night before the great Sultan, my Lord. 
Being more enamored of his glory after drinking his essence four times in our 
first evening, I was more desirous than ever to serve his erotic pleasures.

Again, I was brought into his bedchamber. As before, I was garbed in translucent 
garments that revealed much of my pleasurable parts. This night, I carried a 
tray on my head of luscious foods to tempt the desires of man and invoke erotic 
pleasures. I had learned of these from the great courtesan in my father's court 
and I knew subtle tricks to use to invoke my Lord's pleasure.

I knelt before my Lord, still holding my tray. "My great Lord," I whispered, "I 
beg you to allow me to give you sweet treats and sustenance for this night of 
pleasure, before you send me away forever." My Lord motioned for me to place the 
tray on the bedside table. "Scherazade," he commanded me, "I want you naked in 
my presence so that I may gaze at you for my pleasure." I immediately stripped 
off these translucent garments and approached the great bed upon which My Lord 
now reclined. "My Lord," I begged, "please allow me to feed you these delectable 
ripe fruits."

My great Lord, clothed only in a loin cloth, seemed already aroused at the sight 
of my naked body. His great manhood swollen and straining at the light cloth. He 
commanded me to feed him on the bed. I took a ripe berry and slowly rubbed his 
lips with its juices before placing it in his willing mouth. I took the next 
berry and rubbed it against my swelling breasts and nipples, shyly looking at my 
Lord's reaction to my boldness. His greatness seemed mesmerized by my actions 
and he responded by pulling me toward him and suckling at my bountiful breasts, 
licking all of the juices from each erect nip.

I moaned in delight at this and opened my legs, feeling the nectar of my desire, 
flowing from my passionate lips. My Lord moved his hand to that spot between my 
legs and proceeded to investigate the source of my flow. "Scherazade," he 
commanded, "I command you to display all of your passion to my eyes, for I am 
your Master, and I will dictate your pleasure." His hands stroked deep inside of 
me, moving lightly over my pleasure knob. "Oh Lord," I moaned, "my pleasure is 
for you alone." His massive fingers entered my virginal tunnel, causing even 
more nectar to flood from my swollen nether lips. My Lord then took a ripe berry 
from the tray and proceed to introduce this luscious fruit into my flooded 
tunnel, his hands swirling it around my knob, causing me to cry out in even 
greater passion. My Lord ate this luscious fruit, coated with my own sweetness 
by his own hand. My eyes grew smoky with the passion of his caresses. 
"Scherazade," he whispers to me, "your nectar is sweeter than the fruit and I 
must delve its source with my tongue."

My Lord pushed me on the bed and using his mouth and tongue, he explored every 
aspect of my pleasurable lips and my throbbing pleasure points. I flowed and 
flowed and cried out in desire for him over and over, holding his head closer to 
me. "Lord," I cried, "please let me taste of you also." He moved his throbbing 
desire between my lips and I gladly sucked and licked him whilst he pleasure me 
until both of us exploded many times in deep floods of passion. I drank more of 
his essence than I had the previous night. We continued in this mode throughout 
the second night and I was weak from his constant ministrations to my delectable 

As dawn arrived, I whispered to my Lord, "More, Lord, if it be your will." 
"Scherazade," he commanded, "you will come to me tomorrow night and show me more 
of your charms."

Thus ended my second night with my great erotic Lord.

Our Third Night of Great Desire, My Lord Punishes Me for My Arrogance

Faithful Listeners! I beg your indulgence to listen once more to your humble 
slave, Scherazade, as I relate the tale of my third night with my beloved Lord 
and Master.

Feeling proud that I had had two nights with my Lord without yet surrendering my 
virginity and that he had summoned me back for a third night, I arrogantly 
pranced down the hall behind the guards leading me yet again to my Lord's 
chamber, feeling the caress of my transparent garments around my aroused parts . 
No woman, slave or not, had yet pleasured my Lord for 3 nights!

I sauntered into my Lord's bedchambers and forgot to do him his obeisance, so 
absorbed in pride was I. My Lord's teal eyes grew dark seeing my pride in this 
manner. Without dismissing the guards, he stood from the bed and ripped the 
garments from my body. "Never again, appear in my presence clothed without my 
permission," he stormed at me. I blushed deeply and bowed myself low before my 
Lord, trembling in the presence of his anger.

My Lord, grabbed me and pulled me over his lap. Without hesitation he began to 
spank my delicate bottom. Tears flowed from my eyes as he disciplined me in this 
manner, before his men for my prideful stance. After a short time, his slaps 
became softer and more caressing. I found myself becoming unusually aroused and 
more desirous of his touch. My Lord dismissed his men and continued to caress my 
tender parts so lovingly now, that I could not help but moan through my tears. 
"Scherazade," he said sternly, but with passion in his voice, "You are mine and 
for my pleasure. You will do as I command when I command it." "Yes, my Lord," I 
sobbed, but desire was in my voice. My Lord continued to caress my bottom, now 
exploring the tender recesses of my passionate parts which quickly flooded with 
the nectar of my desire. "Will you obey me?" he whispered in my ear. "Yes," I 
moaned, "yes Lord, whatever pleases you will be my command." I could feel the 
strength of his arousal even as he held me and continued to caress me.

His large, beautiful fingers, explored my virginal depths more intensely and my 
legs parted willingly at his touch. I could feel his fingers moving deeply 
inside of me, where no one had yet explored at the same time his thumb moved 
against my tender knob of passion. I moaned softly, trying to keep his fingers 
in contact with my sweet flooded blossom. His fingers, wet from this contact, 
began to gently probe my other hole and I gasped at the unexpected contact. 
"Scherazade," he whispered in my ear, "I cannot yet take your virginity, for I 
want still more of your sweetness."

He removed me from his lap and I immediately knelt in obedience in front of him. 
"Pleasure me," he commanded as he took his large, swollen manhood from his 
robes. I immediately began to love him with my mouth, taking him deep in my 
throat, swirling the tip around and around with my tongue. The taste of his 
flesh aroused me further. I took him even deeper into my throat and moved my 
hand down to the wetness of my blossom. Inserting my fingers deep inside, I 
coated my fingers with my own sweet nectar. Then, suddenly, I inserted my wet 
finger deep inside of his own puckered hole, probing gently and reaching that 
point deep inside of my Lord which caused him to cry out and hold my head tight 
as he thrust into my mouth. His essences flooded down my throat and I greedily 
drank every drop, until he was at rest.

My Lord dropped back on the bed and quickly fell into a deep sleep. In complete 
surrender to his will, I slept on the floor next to his bed, ready to show him 
obeisance at his command.

As dawn came and the night ended, my Lord awoke and called me to his side. 
Holding me close to him and kissing my eyes and mouth, he whispered, "I shall 
have more of you Scherazade." Thus ended the third night

The Fourth Night of Our Passion - I Play For My Lord

Lovely denizens of this fair world. I have related how my exquisite Lord, the 
great Sultan, has taken me as his own in three nights of great passion. Yet, my 
Lord has still not taken my virginity and has expressed desire for more of my 
sweet pleasures. My Lord, stern in my disobedience, showed me great favor when 
obedient to his pleasure. And thus, I am brought to his bedchamber on this 
fourth night. I walk down the hall, naked as is his command. My eyes are 
downcast as I blush at my nakedness in from of my Lord's men. Yet, I know that I 
am bound to my Lord in obedience and passion and perhaps love.

Throughout this long day, I have laid in bed remembering the pleasures I have 
shared with my Lord. My body ached for release from these memories, and I 
explored myself, pinching my own nipples, rubbing my passionate parts until the 
nectar flowed and I cried out loudly in great ecstasy. I prepared myself more 
carefully than usual for his pleasure, bathing in a bath scented with rose, my 
maidservant massaging my sweet smelling oils into my flesh, brushing my long 
dark hair which became my only veil against my nakedness.

The men ushered me into my Lord's presence and I immediately showed him 
obeisance, as was his command. My Lord dismissed his men and show great pleasure 
at my demeanor. He called me over to his bedside and lovingly touched my face, 
stroking my neck and my shoulders. I moaned at his touch and asked, "how may I 
pleasure my Lord tonight?" My Lord smiled at my desire and looked at me long and 

"Scherazade," he whispered in my ear, "I desire to watch you pleasure yourself 
tonight, as you did this day in the harem." I was shocked that my Lord knew of 
my activities and blushed deeply but knew I could only obey his command.

My Lord pulled a great chair close to the bed and sat in it, far enough away so 
that he could not interfere with my activity, but close enough to see and smell 
my self-pleasures. I laid on the bed and put a pillow under my backside. I took 
the perfumed oils next to the bed and pour a little into my hands. Slowly I 
began to caress my breasts, pulling on my nipples, pinching them until they grew 
long. Now I am quite full-breasted, so it was easy for me to take one of my 
breasts and tongue and suck on my own nipple. My Lord moaned and I observed him 
taking his own weapon from beneath his robes as it also grew long and strong. My 
eyes could not leave the majesty of his organ as I continued to sigh in pleasure 
at my own love of my breasts.

Gradually, I moved my hands lower to my nether lips. I spread my legs and pulled 
my lips, so swollen and pink, wide open, showing my Lord how much desire I had 
for him. My fingers rubbed the wetness I found there. Soon I began to make that 
descent into ecstasy as I found my pleasure knob and circled around and around 
it with my thumb as my fingers entered my virginal tunnel. I cried out, "Please, 
my Lord," over and over again as I convulsed strongly with pleasure.

My Lord could no longer control his desires and he came to me on the bed. He 
took my fingers in his mouth and cleaned the sweet nectar he found there and 
then proceed to drink directly from the source. His strong manhood, so close to 
my face, I could not help but take him in my mouth, deep into my throat, 
desiring all of his essences. We pleasured each other for quite a while in this 
fashion until I once more reached ecstasy and he proceed to release all of his 
desire down my throat. I drank so deeply of him, savoring his taste. After this 
tremendous release, my Lord moved up into the bed and took me in his arms. Our 
tongues entwined and we shared the taste of each other's passion. Deep sleep 
ensued as my Lord held me close through the night.

In the morning, we awoke, and my Lord again kissed me deeply and passionately. 
"Lord," I begged, "Please let me come clothed to you tonight so that I may 
please you with a special dance." My Lord gave his consent and we parted 

So ended the fourth night of pleasure with my Lord.

Our Fifth Night of Pleasure - I Dance for My Lord

Lovely denizens of this noble place. I will try, once again, to relate to you of 
my passion for my noble Lord, the Great Sultan and our activities on the 5th 
night of our passion together. As you now know, my Lord has become somewhat 
enamored of my charms. My knowledge of the erotic, learned from a famous 
courtesan in my father's harem, and my deep passion and desire to please, has 
contributed to this enamourment. I am more desirous than ever to please and be 
pleased by my Lord. Yet, I am still a virgin. I know that losing my virginity 
may condemn me to banishment forever from my Lord. Since he was betrayed by a 
love, my Lord has never repeated pleasures with a woman he has deflowered.

Throughout this day, I made preparations for our 5th night together. I am awash 
with desire for my Lord and my body continually reacts to thoughts of him. I 
find myself touching my erect nipples and my wet blossom and thinking only of 
his pleasure and his touch. I had requested of my Lord, to come clothed in his 
presence on this night so that I might perform a dance for his pleasure. He had 
granted me this request.

This day, I prepare his bedchamber for my performance. I order drapes to be 
hung, so that the musicians can not see what I will only give to my Lord. I 
scent the bed with sweet smelling herbs and rose petals, so that his senses may 
be full indulged. I drape his great chair with a soft fur to cushion his body 
during my dance. I arrange for wine and fruit and other delectables to be 
available so that he may quench his hunger and thirst.

As the day wears on, I become more excited at the prospect of my performance 
before my Lord. The night approaches and I must now prepare myself. I bathe in a 
deeply scented pool and wash and dry my long dark hair. My maidservant rubs my 
body with oils until it glows with the vitality of my passion. I dress my eyes 
with kohl and my lips with henna so that I am more pleasing to my Lord. Finally, 
I dress in my costume. It is time to appear before my Lord!

As his men escort me down the hall to the bedchamber, I can see the lighted 
candles and hear the sounds of the hidden musicians awaiting me. I am covered 
this night in sheer veils, from head to ankle. Only my painted eyes and my 
painted toes can be seen.

My Lord is enthroned in his great chair. I immediately do him obeisance and beg 
his permission to dance for him. This he grants willingly and I can see that his 
passion for me is already rising. I begin to sway to the music raising my arms 
above my head. My hips move faster and faster to the increasing tempo of the 
song and I feel my passion soaring into the dance. Slowly I remove a veil from 
my body, teasing him with a glimpse of my bountiful breasts. I swirl the veil 
around and place it on his chair. I continue in this manner, shaking my bosoms 
and my hips in tempo, my stomach muscles contracting and releasing to the tempo 
of the song, rippling for his pleasure. As I reveal more and more of myself to 
my Lord, I hear him moan. He sees that I wear only a small jeweled cloth, 
covering my loins and baring most of my cheeks. My nipples are covered with the 
most transparent of fabrics, and he can see the erectness of these.

The last veil covers my face and hair. I slowly remove it tempting him again, 
with visions of my lips and mouth..those same lips and mouth that have drank of 
his essences in previous nights. My hair is unbound becoming my only remaining 

I continue to dance before my Lord, my bosoms shaking. I move my hands to my 
erect nipples and pinch them once before I remove the thin covering. I am naked 
before my Lord from the waist up and I raise my arms high over my head and 
continue now deep into the dance.

I can feel the flood of passion coating the little jeweled piece of cloth and I 
wish to remove it. But I dance closely to my Lord and whisper, "does my Lord 
wish to remove this last impediment to my obedience?" My Lord rips the piece of 
cloth from my body and my flooded passionate parts come into his view. I 
continue to dance, revealing more and more of my parts to him, bending over so 
that he may see as much of me as he desires, holding my nether lips open so that 
he may see my throbbing pleasure knob. My Lord can no longer resist my body and 
he calls me over close to the chair.

I am covered in perspiration from my dance and trembling just a bit to be so 
close to my Lord. His manhood is swollen before me and I long to touch him, but 
must wait for his pleasure. My Lord places his hand deep inside of me, his 
fingers probing my tunnel, his thumb circling my knob and I cried out in 
pleasure from the contact. "Lord," I whisper, "what do you command of me?" His 
teal eyes are dark with passion, as he picks me up and throws me on the bed. His 
body covers mine and his mouth and lips begins a demanding path, from my mouth 
and my ears and my neck and shoulders. "I want you entirely for my pleasure," he 
moans back into my breasts. His mouth teasing my nipples, biting and sucking on 
them till I cry out in ecstasy just from this contact.

He continues his assault, licking my navel and spreading my legs so far apart 
that I think I will split in two. He puts my legs on his shoulders and begins to 
feast deeply on my swollen blossom, sweeping a trail from back to front until I 
feel that I will die from passion. His fingers explore both my ends, deep inside 
both holes. I am aflame with desire for him and know that I can not deny 
anything to him.

My Lord whispers to me, "I must enter you Scherazade, but I cannot take your 
virginity yet. I will take you as a man takes a boy. He pauses for a moment and 
grabs a bottle and oils his great shaft. I am frightened and excited at the same 
time. He slowly enters my small puckered backside as he continues to delve with 
his fingers into my flooded tunnel, only stopping to circle my hot point. I cry 
out in pain but also in passion at his entry and I feel filled to the brink and 
beyond ecstasy, as he thrusts into my backside. After an eternity that I wish 
could last longer, my Lord cries his release and pours his essence inside of me.

We collapse together on the bed, his member still inside of me, I am crying from 
the intensity of my passion. My Lord holds me so close and whispers secret words 
in my ears that I will never reveal to a living soul. At last, we fall into a 
deep slumber.

In the morning, I awake and find that I am alone.

Thus ended my fifth night of ecstasy with my Lord.

Our Sixth Night of Passion, My Lord Tests My Courage

Sweet friends from this land of dreams. I humbly thank you for your many praises 
for my little stories. I beg you to listen once again as I relate yet another 
tale about the passion between me, Scherazade, and my Lord, the great Sultan. 
Now as you remember, my Lord has called me for his pleasure for 5 nights now. On 
our 5th night, I danced for my Lord, and he took me in a manner that a man might 
take another man. I was overcome by the intensity of his actions and I cried 
tears of passion and fear. My Lord held me so close that night and whispered 
sweetness in my ears. Yet when I awoke, I was alone. My Lord had left my side. I 
laid in his great bed for a long time, feeling where his body had lain and 
smelling his fragrance and the aroma of our lovemaking. I could not leave this 

Suddenly, my maid servant entered the room with a great robe of soft blue silks. 
She bowed before me and said these words: "Scherazade, lady, our Lord has 
commanded me come to you with this gift and to tell you to bath and rest and to 
come to him tonight in total obedience." I reluctantly arose from this place of 
passion and allowed myself to be wrapped in the silks. I felt weak as the maid 
led me back to the harem. There, I was ushered into a hot, fragrant bath. All 
fatigue melted away as did my concerns for my next night with my Lord. I left 
the bath and was laid on a bed, my body massaged with myrrh and oils of rose and 
orange blossom. I feel into a deep sleep and dreamed of my Lord's teal eyes, his 
lips kissing mine, his breath and his secret words in my ears.

My maid awoke me at dusk, telling me that my Lord again commanded my presence. I 
arose to find that my Lord had sent a fine gold chain to be placed around my 
hips and another to be placed around my ankle. Each had a dark purple amethyst
as a clasp. Naked except for these chains, I accompanied my Lord's men once more 
to his bedchamber.

My Lord was seated at a large table, covered in papers when I entered the 
chamber. I immediately prostrated myself before him, crying, "Lord, take me for 
your pleasure, for I belong completely to you alone." My Lord dismissed his men 
and rose from beyond the table. He bade me rise and as I did, he gathered me 
deep into his strong arms. His lips reached down and found mine and I felt his 
tender kiss and responded in kind. His kiss grew stronger, his tongue lightly 
traveling my lips and into my mouth. I craved more of his mouth and my tongue 
reached into his mouth and we stood there in the bedchamber in a deep, 
passionate kiss that seemed to be endless. His lips left mine and traveled to my 
ear and down my neck. I moaned in delight as he sucked in a little of my neck 
and used his tongue to soothe at the same time. "More," I whispered to my Lord. 
My naked body was so close to him, yet he was still clothed. I wanted to feel 
his naked body against mine, to feel his manhood rising unimpeded by his 

My Lord picked me up and brought me over to the bed. "Scherazade," he breathed 
my name, "do you trust me?" "Yes, my Lord," I whispered back. My Lord took 
silken cords that were lying on the table and proceeded to tie my arms and then 
my legs to posts of the bed. He took out a silk scarf and veiled my eyes. I was 
afraid, but my Lord whispered in my ear, "Courage, Scherazade." Bound immobile 
and deprived of my sight by the scarf, I waited in anticipation for my Lord's 

Little did I know that I was to be the recipient of so much pleasure on this, 
our sixth night.

Our Sixth Night Continues - My Lord Takes Command

I humbly ask that you listen once more to tales of the passion that my Lord has 
gifted me with. You may recall when last we spoke, that I have pleasured my 
Lord, and he, I in return, for 5 nights. And yet, I have retained my virginity, 
fearing that once I have surrendered this aspect of my virtue, that my Lord 
would banish me forever into the harem as he has many other women before me. I 
long for oh so many nights of pleasure in his arms and for that sweet obedience 
to his desires, that I have pledged in my heart.

On our sixth night of pleasure, my Lord bid me come to him and he carried me to 
his great bed and with silken cords, bound me to the bed and with a silk cloth, 
he covered my eyes. Whispering "courage" in my ear, he proceeded to torture me 
with pleasure beyond my imagination. My Lord then proclaimed, "Scherazade you 
are for my pleasure. You will not experience that ultimate ecstasy until I 
command you to do so!" I trembled at his desire to so command my body, yet as he 
spoke, my pleasurable parts began to throb with my desire and I could feel them 

In complete darkness, I could sense my Lord's strong body which I craved so 
strongly, yet could not reach out to touch. My Lord, began to caress my body 
with a feather so soft that I begged for further attention. He started by 
running this feather down my neck, tickling my nipples until they stood out at 
attention, begging for more stimulation. I gasped, not knowing what more he 
would do. He continued to explore my body with the feather, tickling my arms and 
the undersides of my breasts, moving down my belly and down my legs. I moaned at 
the contact, my body straining for more pressure, frustrated that he would so 
tempt me. The feather tickled my feet and played with the bracelet around my 
ankle as he slowly moved up my legs. Upon reaching my knees, I involuntarily 
gasped out loud, knowing that my Lord had discovered the unique sensitivity of 
my knees. He chuckled at my reaction and my passionate knob began to truly throb 
with the desire for his touch.

My Lord moved the feather to my passionate parts, exploring my nether lips with 
the tip, opening them just a bit. I could no longer contain myself and began to 
struggle against the cords, wanting more contact. My Lord removed the feather. I 
waited in the darkness, breathless with anticipation. Tears streamed down my 
face in frustration, and I bite my lip, trying to control my desires.

I then felt my Lord's lips and tongue on my tender nipples, his teeth pulling on 
them in sweet agony. "Oh my Lord," involuntarily cried out. I felt his hand 
reach down into my wetness and momentarily spread my swollen lips. The cold air 
added new sensations to my desire and I silently begged my Lord to touch me and 
to explore my deepest parts with his hands and his tongue. But, I was not yet to 
receive that release. I felt my Lord climb on top of my and soon, there was a 
hot pressure against my lips. It was my Lord's hard manhood rubbing against my 
lips and I opened my mouth oh so wide to accommodate his delicious member. His 
hand went back into my wet depths, his fingers exploring the wetness there, 
inserting one, then two fingers into my depths, his thumb rubbing my most 
sensitive parts. I shuddered at the contact, and he immediately removed his 
hand. Oh, how cruel my Lord was to me at that moment. My tears came faster as I 
throbbed with desire of his touch.

My Lord removed his member from my mouth and I felt it's absent strongly. Where 
did he go? Shortly, I felt his warm breath on my swollen wet lips and this made 
me mad with desire. I strained at the cords, trying to force contact with him 
until, he finally showed mercy at my desire and began exploring my blossom with 
his mouth, kissing my nether lips, biting them softly, exploring all the wet 
folds with his tongue. "Please my Lord, please," I begged. He removed his mouth 
and whispered, "Scherazade, come." He then inserted his fingers deep inside my 
tunnel all while applying pressure to my throbbing knob with his tongue and 
mouth. I screamed out in passion, "yes, my Lord, " and flooded his mouth with a 
river of my desire.

My Lord left me tied to the bed for many hours that night and used me in many 
ways. I took his member again and again in my mouth and drank his essence. He 
teased me with oils and hard things and probed both of my holes with his fingers 
and other devices, until I felt that my body was his entirely, under his command 
and for his total desire. At last, my Lord untied my arms and legs and massaged 
my aching limbs with soothing oils, holding me close and kissing the tears from 
my eyes. We slept deeply together that night and he held me close. And so, I 
ended the sixth night with my Lord. And yet, I knew that he had just begun to 
tap the wellspring of my desire for him.

Our Seventh Night of Passion - My Lord Takes His Pleasure

Sweet, faithful listeners. I have regaled you with tales of my first six nights, 
with the Lord of my pleasure, the great Sultan, to whom I owe complete 
obedience. His command of my pleasures has further bound me to his service, so 
that now he owns my heart as well as my body. I beg you to listen to the tale of 
my seventh night with my Lord for this night was to be a night of true reckoning 
for my Lord and for myself.

When I awoke from my sixth night of pleasure with my Lord, a night in which my 
Lord ensured my complete obedience to his will, I felt a sense of foreboding. I 
knew that if my Lord commanded my virginity, that I had no will but to give him 
what he commanded, although it may mean losing him forever. I lingered in his 
bed, smelling his scent and softly cried into the pillows, fearing that I may 
never have him again. In my heart, I knew that he had transformed me. I could no 
longer live without the pleasures we had shared. I mourned our impending 
separation for good. My maid came into the room and begged me to come back with 
her to the harem, yet I was reluctant to leave this bed. Finally, she pulled my 
hand and I walked out of my Lord's chamber and back to the harem.

All that day, I slept fitfully, occasionally crying for my Lord's pleasure. When 
I slept, I dreamt of his teal eyes gazing at me in passion, his strong hands 
exploring my body, his mouth on my mouth. I shivered in my sleep at the strength 
of my passion for him, even in my dreams. My maid awoke me at sunset, telling me 
that I was once more commanded to attend to my Lord in his chambers this night. 
I bathed in a sweetly scented bath of rose and orange blossom and rinsed my hair 
in the fresh rainwater. Naked, except for the gold bracelet on my ankle, and the 
gold chain around my hips, I prepared myself as the one last gift to take to my 

My Lord's men came to escort me to the bedchamber. The halls of the palace 
seemed particularly cold this night, as I walked naked and barefoot to my Lord's 
pleasure and to my fate. I entered the bedchamber and immediately smelled the 
scent of roses. My Lord had filled the room with this beauteous flower and now 
its fragrance intoxicated me. My Lord stood there gazing at me with an intensity 
that made my knees weaken and my passionate floods to begin. For a full minute, 
we gazed at each other without talking and the passion between us seemed to grow 
as each second passed. He moved behind me and softly nuzzled my neck. 
"Scherazade," he whispered in my ear, "I can wait no longer and will have you 
completely tonight." His arms embraced me and his hands began to play with my 
stiffening nipples, pinching them so that they grew longer and more erect with 
his touch. My breath quickened with his touch on my breasts, with his growing 
hardness against my backside. With tears in my eyes, I whispered back, "It is my 
Lord's will. I am for your pleasure only."

My Lord was moved by my obedience. His hands reached further down the front of 
my body, touching my belly button, caressing my buttocks. When he reached the 
soft down of my pleasurable parts, he strongly pushed my thighs apart so that I 
was open to his touch. I gasped, as I felt his fingers enter my wetness, 
exploring the depths of my desire for him. My knees buckled as he touched my 
throbbing point of passion, my heart beating oh so fast. I moaned with pleasure 
as I felt him insert one and then two fingers, deep inside my virginal tunnel, 
touching that barrier to complete fulfillment.

At this point, my Lord stopped and removed himself from my trembling body. He 
walked over to the table and poured into a golden goblet, a sweet potion. He 
lead me over to the bed and begged of me to share this sweetness with him. I 
drank as my Lord commanded and gazed at him as I watched him drink also. He 
removed his robes and I could see in his nakedness all of his desire rising so 
strong before me. I feel to my knees and doing obeisance to his will, I asked my 
Lord if I might give him pleasure with my mouth. He smiled and nodded his 

As my Lord sat on the bed, I continued to kneel before him and slowly I took my 
hand, running it down the length of his hard member. My lips reached out to 
taste of his desire, licking the tip of him and swirling my tongue around and 
around him. My Lord moaned his pleasure, so I continued to take him deep in my 
mouth, relishing his taste and wanted him so, so much. Abruptly, he pulled his 
tool of desire from my mouth. I was surprised and awaited his next command. He 
pulled me onto the bed with him and together we shared a kiss that was oh so 
sweet and oh so deep. I felt as if he was trying to take my very soul in that 
kiss and I believed that he did in fact achieve that end. We spent some time 
exploring each other's mouths, tasting all the sweetness of the potion and each 
other with each kiss. His hands continued to explore my body as did mine his.

After some time of this, our desires grew even stronger for that ultimate 
merging of our bodies and our souls. My Lord whispered secret things in my ear 
during this endless time, secrets that I will never tell. Finally, the moment 
was at hand. My Lord was to take my virginity. "Scherazade," he commanded, "I 
want you to take me deep inside of you at your pleasure." He laid back on the 
bed and watched me intently as I climbed on top of him and inserted his great 
member into the beginning of my virginal tunnel. Slowly and carefully, I moved 
onto his member, feeling ever inch of him enter me with excruciating pleasure. I 
shivered as I felt myself become filled with his hard desire for me. His hands 
reached up and pinched my nipples and massaged my breasts, making my desire even 
greater for him. Suddenly, he thrust inside of me and broke through that last 
barrier to our fulfillment. I was overcome with ecstasy, finally feeling more 
full and contented then ever in my life. My Lord and I then began that great 
dance of passion. He thrust into me, and I held him, using my muscles to keep 
his member inside of me and to pleasure him as best I could. His great hand 
reached out and began to massage my throbbing pleasure point and I screamed in 
ecstasy and cried from the intensity of my passion at our

Our uniting continued, my Lord controlling himself as I cried out twice more 
from his thrusting into the center of my being. Finally, he could contain 
himself no longer, and he flooded me with his essence. I collapsed on top of him 
and could not stop kissing his eyes, his lips, his neck. He returned my kisses 
in like and I knew that he now owned me completely.

Twice more that night, we met in this great union, once with my Lord on top of 
me, and once as I knelt and he took me from behind, inserting his finger in my 
backside as I screamed again in complete ecstasy. Finally, exhausted, we fell 
asleep in each other's arms. My Lord held me oh so close that night and I slept 
fitfully. We awoke in the morning still in each other's arms. As his mouth found 
mine in a morning greeting, tears came into my eyes. "Scherazade," my Lord 
patiently asked, "why are you crying, love." "My Lord," I sobbed, "I cannot bear 
the thought of leaving your side forever."

My Lord sprang from our bed and walked over to the table of papers I had seen 
him working at not so many nights ago. He took the one laying on the top and 
brought it over to the bed. "Scherazade," he smiled, "this paper I have signed 
ensures that we will have many more nights of pleasure in each other's arms. I 
will not give you up as long as you continue to please me." I sprang from the 
bed and threw myself at my Lord's feet. "My Lord," I exclaimed, "your pleasure 
is my only desire."

So, with his permission, I continued to explore new ways of pleasuring my Lord. 
But those are other night's tales which, perchance I will relate at another 

Humbly,  Scherazade


The Bard
Thu 23 Dec 93
From "The Mystery of the Bards: The Book of the Fool"

"Hey! Wake up there!"

The Fool opened His eyes, stretched, and rolled over on the soft grass of the 

"I suppose you're talking to me?" he murmured.

"I certainly am!" The Lady, shimmering in Her Aspect as the Goddess of Love, 
smiled at Him. Had He been human, that smile would have sent Him into a 
transport of happiness. As it was, He felt a little shiver of joy run on cat-feet down 
his spine.

"What's up?" He got to His feet, brushing back his hair.

"What's up? WHAT'S UP?" The Lady looked at Him in disbelief.

"Dummy! It's almost Your birthday!"

The Fool looked puzzled for a moment. "My birthday? I thought We have 
been....for always. We don't -have- birthdays, do we?"

The Lady grinned, shifting into the Nymph for a delightful moment.  "No, we don't, 
but Humanity likes to give Us birthday parties, and yours is probably the 
biggest.....so you need to get moving!"

"So I do! And this Aspect is probably one of my favorites!" The Fool jumped in 
the air, landing on His hands in a perfect handstand with a jingling of bells. Then 
he took His hands off the ground, and hung suspended, upside down, in mid-air. 
One leg was folded at the knee.

"Can You stand on Your head?" He grinned.

"Not with -this- dress on!" She laughed.

Humming a tuneless melody. the Fool strode thru Summerland, and thru the 
cloudy space between the Worlds of the MultiVerse, finally ending up on a small, 
very green-and-blue planet that the natives called "the Earth."

"It's My Birthday a-comin'!" He shouted, and there was a stirring, and a 
movement. The Life that was locked in the grip of Winter remembered that 
Spring would come, as it always will, and the half of the world that was in 
Summer gave a little quiver of happiness.

He went to a Place, and put on the suit, and the Aspect to fit it. He hitched the 
nine animals to His sleigh, grooming them with loving hands. Then He loaded it 
with gifts for all the people of the Earth. He was helped by quite a lot of the 
smaller elves, who found the game most enjoyable. Most of these gifts were toys, 
but many of them were practical, useful things. Some, like Love, and Peace, and 
Happiness, were quite insubstantial....but they were His Gifts nonetheless. 

He laughed. No longer slim, but chunky (if not fat), and dressed in a red suit lined 
with white fur, His laughter was a "Ho! Ho! Ho!" of gladness that rolled over the 

He spent the next instant of Time ("And what a clever concept Time is," He 
thought in self-congratulation) delivering His gifts, riding the sleigh to the music of 
tiny bells thru the Night.

"Good Yule! Merry Christmas! Happy Hanukka! Io Saturnalia! Hail Mithras! 
Welcome Cernunnos!" He shouted.

"And a Happy Birthday to Me," He added under His breath, with a grin.

He landed the sleigh, and unhitched His animals. Each one was Named, and 
each one nuzzled Him as an old friend. The last was younger then the rest, and 
full of energy, bounding across the Place like a puppy in a warm kitchen. The red 
light from his nose reflected on the snow, and gave a joyful light that lit the sky in 
a glowing aurora.

The Fool laughed at the sight, and hung up His suit, and took off the Aspect, and 
returned to the Summerland over the paths He knew so well.

"Well," She said, "Did everything go all right?"

The Fool leaned back against a tree and watched a butterfly land on His nose. 
"Yep. Got all My presents delivered. Did the usual sleigh-and-reindeer thing with 
the red suit and all.....great fun! I sure like to see the children happy."

"Well, You sure are bass-ackwards sometimes!" The Lady shook Her finger at 
Him in mock anger.

"Huh? Whattya mean?" The Fool was puzzled.
"Well....everybody else -gets- presents for their birthdays. You gotta reverse it 
and give presents away!"

The Fool giggled, and said, "That's my Nature, dearest. By the way, your fly's 

The Lady looked down and reached to zip up Her fly, and then did a perfect 

"But....I don't -have- a fly!"

And the Fool leaned back against the World Tree and laughed and laughed and 

Thus it was, and so it is, and evermore shall be so!


The Lady of the Wheel of the Year, having learned that Death was a necessary
part of Life, returned to her Bright King, and together they Danced with great 
joy, greening the Earth - so that all was again covered in blossoming, bursting 
Life.  From time to time, She would see one of Her People in sorrow and travail, 
and She would remember that existence.  She felt a pang of sorrow, recalling the 
despair at pain and trouble that mortals felt all through their lives.

Only in the midst of Love or at the end of physical existence did they know 
bliss.  Too often, even the bliss of Love was forgotten in the throes of 
hardship and misery.  Too, She realized, that though there was rest and succor 
at the end of physical existence, the mortals knew no hope for betterment, other 
than peace at Life's end.

At first, She did not speak of this to either the Bright Kin or the Dark Lord. 
She pondered privately upon the cycle of Life, Death, and Rebirth; the Seasons 
of the wheel of the year, and at last made a decision.  Conferring first with 
One then the Other, the Lady persuaded her two Lords to consider a plan to help 
Her people.  That They might more readily accept Her plan, She presented it as a 

This game, She called Karma:  it was an elaborate system of debits and credits 
by which the players could judge the progress of the playing pieces - the pieces 
being the People.  Now, the actual living on Earth was only part of the game - 
the first stage - to be clever enough to survive danger, disease, hunger and 
other pieces maneuvering for the same.  the second stage was how well the pieces 
maneuvered for the prizes - and how honorable they went about achieving their 
goals (a credit), and how dishonorably they chose to act (a debit).

Adding a further twist to the game, She insisted that when a piece had achieved 
the full round of the twelve-spoked wheel - having experienced and mastered the 
lessons of each spoke and returned a final time to the hub (known as the 
Summerland), that a third level be added.  this third level, being on of the 
Spirit, gave the pieces a chance to grasp from a Higher Existence than that of 
merely bettering the Physical Self.

To expedite the counting up of credits and debits for each piece, She created a 
body of beings known as the Lords of Karma.  She set before Them the cosmic Laws 
of Order and Existence, and gave into Their keeping the Akashic Records - the 
golden, flowing source of all that is, was, and ever shall be.

Then She instructed the Two Lords in the Game, that They might watch with 
interest and understanding.  Too, that They might cheer on or aid a piece that 
caught Their fancy or touch Their hearts with its struggles.  They, nor the 
Lords of Karma were judged - for it is only by the Cosmic Laws of Order and 
Existence in the Providence of the Divine One to judge the Creations.

As the Game advanced, much to the enjoyment of the observers, there seemed to be 
a missing element.  the Dark Lord too the Lady aside and said, "Never meaning 
criticism, My Dearest Lady of Life, but is it not pointless if Your piece do not 
know they can strive toward better lives and higher aims?"  The Lady thought 
upon this, and told the Lord that He was correct, and that She, herself, must 
resolve this flaw in the pattern.

She gave a banquet and invited all those of the Greater and Lessor Pantheons, 
explaining to them the Game, and the reason She must prepare for a Journey - 
Journey which would take Her once again into the World of Mortals.

All the Beings of Light were grieved, for They love the Lady fully, and did not 
like her to be absent from Them.  but She promised Them that though She must 
journey far, as long as Love was, there was She, also.  She then departed on Her 
Journey to the Plane of Mortal Existence and was not seen again for a Tim in the 
Halls of Light and Love.


One leaf for fame,
One leaf for wealth,
And one leaf for a faithful lover,
And one leaf to bring glorious health,
Are all in a four-leaf clover!

There are many legends about this small plant. One is that Eve took a four-leaf 
clover with her when leaving the Garden of Eden. This would make it a very rare 
plant indeed, and very lucky.

However, long before the tale of Adam and Eve, the Druids of England believed 
the four-leaf clover to hold magical powers. They believed whoever found one 
would be able to see evil beings such as witches and devils, and therefore be 
able to avoid them.

According to other folklore, the clover may have appeared to be lucky since it 
resembled a cross, not a religious cross, but a Solar or Sun Cross. Primitive 
men used the Sun Cross as a crude system of direction. One straight line 
representing sunrise to sunset or East to West, with the other line representing 
North to South. The crossing of these two lines represented the Solar Cross. 
Later the lobes of the clover became known as North, South, East and West.
Although the four-leaf clover is really a freak plant from the original three-
leaf herb, it has been so in demand by superstitious people that a seed has been 
developed which sprouts more four-leaf clovers. Now you can grow a whole potfull 
of luck on your window sill, or even a whole garden of it!

First Samhain

Marissa's feet shuffled through the leaves, keeping time with the thoughts
shuffling through her mind.  It was hard to believe that centuries ago her
ancestors did this every year.  Humming a tune, she looked for the spot.  She
had found it earlier that year, and she just knew it was one of the old places.

She shifted her backpack, brushed the hair out of her eyes, turned, and there
it was. Looking at it, she was struck again with wonder. She gazed upon a
perfect circle of trees, leaves turning golden, and yet not fallen inside.  If
this wasn't a sign, then there never would be one.  Stopping just outside the
ring of trees, she carefully set down her backpack and opened it.  She thought
of Christopher, wishing he had come, but since he hadn't, she'd do this alone.

Gathering leaves and small branches, she took the twine from her bag and began
tying them to her walking stick.  Then with her makeshift broom, she began
sweeping inside of the Ring.  The simple rhythm calmed her, helped her feel her
own rhythms.

Marissa began by taking the photos of her parents and placing them at the East.
South, she placed a blanket they had wrapped her in as a child.  The blanket
had been made by her great grandmother, who had died the day she was born.  To
the West she placed the family bible.  She knew that was odd, but it held the
names of her family for seven generations.  Just looking at those names always
made her feel closer to the land that her family had called home.  In the
North, she laid a picture Chris had drawn... her hopes for the future.

Outside the Ring again, she took the bread, milk, cheese and wine from her
backpack.  As she had seen her Gram do, she left them for the Good Neighbors
saying, "Watch me tonight, I beg you.  Do not let me wander far."

Looking up, she noticed the sun beginning to set.  "Getting late", she mumbled.
Marissa took the candles along with the stone she had found yesterday, and set
them in the center of the Ring.  As she lit the candles, she found herself
feeling further and further away from this world.

Turning to face the East, she saw Chris.  He did come after all!  She reached
out and pulled him into the Ring.  Together they placed his family treasures
with hers, and walked back to the Center to begin.

As Marissa began calling, the folk who lived on the edge of the wood noticed a
strange thing.  A mist began to form in the center of the trees.  All who saw
it felt a sadness within them as they remembered those they had lost over the
years.  As the night went on, they saw the mist become thicker and saw  a
flickering light form deep within its center.  Those who were strong of heart
went out into the mist, and in it saw old lovers, family, enemies and friends.

In the morning, Chris and Marissa awoke in the center of the Ring. As they
ventured out, they saw that, indeed, their gifts had been accepted.  And
waiting for them was a young girl.  She looked at Marissa and said, "I saw you
ride the winds last night.  My name is Lisa.  Teach me..."

c. Lynne Bolton 1995


DRAKESTAIL was very little, that is why he was called Drakestail; but tiny as he was he had brains, and he knew what he was about, for having begun with nothing he ended by amassing a hundred crowns. Now the King of the country, who was very extravagant and never kept any money, having heard that Drakestail had some, went one day in his own person to borrow his hoard, and, my word, in those days Drakestail was not a little proud of having lent money to the King. But after the first and second year, seeing that they never even dreamed of paying the interest, he became uneasy, so much so that at last he resolved to go and see His Majesty himself, and get repaid. So one fine morning Drakestail, very spruce and fresh, takes the road, singing: `Quack, quack, quack, when shall I get my money back?'

He had not gone far when he met friend Fox, on his rounds that way.

`Good-morning, neighbour,' says the friend, `where are you off to so early?'

`I am going to the King for what he owes me.'

`Oh! take me with thee!'

Drakestail said to himself: `One can't have too many friends.' . . . `I will,' says he, `but going on all-fours you will soon be tired. Make yourself quite small, get into my throat--go into my gizzard and I will carry you.'

`Happy thought!' says friend Fox.

He takes bag and baggage, and, presto! is gone like a letter into the post.

And Drakestail is off again, all spruce and fresh, still singing: `Quack, quack, quack, when shall I have my money back?'

He had not gone far when he met his lady-friend Ladder, leaning on her wall.

`Good morning, my duckling,' says the lady friend, `whither away so bold?'

`I am going to the King for what he owes me.'

`Oh! take me with thee!'

Drakestail said to himself: `One can't have too many friends.' . . . `I will,' says he, `but with your wooden legs you will soon be tired. Make yourself quite small, get into my throat--go into my gizzard and I will carry you.'

`Happy thought!' says my friend Ladder, and nimble, bag and baggage, goes to keep company with friend Fox.

And `Quack, quack, quack.' Drakestail is off again, singing and spruce as before. A little farther he meets his sweetheart, my friend River, wandering quietly in the sunshine.

`Thou, my cherub,' says she, `whither so lonesome, with arching tail, on this muddy road?'

`I am going to the King, you know, for what he owes me.'

`Oh! take me with thee!'

Drakestail said to himself: `We can't be too many friends.' . . . `I will,' says he, `but you who sleep while you walk will soon be tired. Make yourself quite small, get into my throat--go into my gizzard and I will carry you.'

`Ah! happy thought!' says my friend River.

She takes bag and baggage, and glou, glou, glou, she takes her place between friend Fox and my friend Ladder.

And `Quack, quack, quack.' Drakestail is off again singing.  A little farther on he meets comrade Wasp's-nest, manoeuvring his wasps.

`Well, good-morning, friend Drakestail,' said comrade Wasp's- nest, `where are we bound for so spruce and fresh?'

`I am going to the King for what he owes me.'

`Oh! take me with thee!'

Drakestail said to himself, `One can't have too many friends.' . . . `I will,' says he, `but with your battalion to drag along, you will soon be tired. Make yourself quite small, go into my throat--get into my gizzard and I will carry you.'

`By Jove I that's a good idea!' says comrade Wasp's-nest.

And left file! he takes the same road to join the others with all his party. There was not much more room, but by closing up a bit they managed. . . . And Drakestail is off again singing.

He arrived thus at the capital, and threaded his way straight up the High Street, still running and singing `Quack, quack, quack, when shall I get my money back?' to the great astonishment of the good folks, till he came to the King's palace.

He strikes with the knocker: `Toc! toc!'

`Who is there?' asks the porter, putting his head out of the wicket.

` 'Tis I, Drakestail. I wish to speak to the King.'

`Speak to the King! . . . That's easily said. The King is dining, and will not be disturbed.'

`Tell him that it is I, and I have come he well knows why.'  The porter shuts his wicket and goes up to say it to the King, who was just sitting down to dinner with a napkin round his neck, and all his ministers.

`Good, good!' said the King laughing. `I know what it is! Make him come in, and put him with the turkeys and chickens.'  The porter descends.

`Have the goodness to enter.'

`Good!' says Drakestail to himself, `I shall now see how they eat at court.'

`This way, this way,' says the porter. `One step further. . . . There, there you are.'

`How? what? in the poultry yard?'

Fancy how vexed Drakestail was!

`Ah! so that's it,' says he. `Wait! I will compel you to receive me. Quack, quack, quack, when shall I get my money back?' But turkeys and chickens are creatures who don't like people that are not as themselves. When they saw the new-comer and how he was made, and when they heard him crying too, they began to look black at him.

`What is it? what does he want?'

Finally they rushed at him all together, to overwhelm him with pecks.

`I am lost!' said Drakestail to himself, when by good luck he remembers his comrade friend Fox, and he cries:

`Reynard, Reynard, come out of your earth, Or Drakestail's life is of little worth.'

Then friend Fox, who was only waiting for these words, hastens out, throws himself on the wicked fowls, and quick! quack! he tears them to pieces; so much so that at the end of five minutes there was not one left alive. And Drakestail, quite content, began to sing again, `Quack, quack, quack, when shall I get my money back?'  When the King who was still at table heard this refrain, and the poultry woman came to tell him what had been going on in the yard, he was terribly annoyed.

He ordered them to throw this tail of a drake into the well, to make an end of him.

And it was done as he commanded. Drakestail was in despair of getting himself out of such a deep hole, when he remembered his lady friend, the Ladder.

`Ladder, Ladder, come out of thy hold, Or Drakestail's days will soon be told.'

My friend Ladder, who was only waiting for these words, hastens out, leans her two arms on the edge of the well, then Drakestail climbs nimbly on her back, and hop! he is in the yard, where he begins to sing louder than ever.

When the King, who was still at table and laughing at the good trick he had played his creditor, heard him again reclaiming his money, he became livid with rage.

He commanded that the furnace should be heated, and this tail of a drake thrown into it, because he must be a sorcerer.  The furnace was soon hot, but this time Drakestail was not so afraid; he counted on his sweetheart, my friend River.

`River, River, outward flow, Or to death Drakestail must go.'

My friend River hastens out, and errouf! throws herself into the furnace, which she floods, with all the people who had lighted it; after which she flowed growling into the hall of the palace to the height of more than four feet.

And Drakestail, quite content, begins to swim, singing deafeningly, `Quack, quack, quack, when shall I get my money back?'

The King was still at table, and thought himself quite sure of his game; but when he heard Drakestail singing again, and when they told him all that had passed, he became furious and got up from table brandishing his fists.

`Bring him here, and I'll cut his throat! bring him here quick!' cried he.

And quickly two footmen ran to fetch Drakestail.

`At last,' said the poor chap, going up the great stairs, `they have decided to receive me.'

Imagine his terror when on entering he sees the King as red as a turkey cock, and all his ministers attending him standing sword in hand. He thought this time it was all up with him. Happily, he remembered that there was still one remaining friend, and he cried with dying accents:

`Wasp's-nest, Wasp's-nest, make a sally, Or Drakestail nevermore may rally.'

Hereupon the scene changes.

`Bs, bs, bayonet them! `The brave Wasp's-nest rushes out with all his wasps. They threw themselves on the infuriated King and his ministers, and stung them so fiercely in the face that they lost their heads, and not knowing where to hide themselves they all jumped pell-mell from the window and broke their necks on the pavement.

Behold Drakestail much astonished, all alone in the big saloon and master of the field. He could not get over it.

Nevertheless, he remembered shortly what he had come for to the palace, and improving the occasion, he set to work to hunt for his dear money. But in vain he rummaged in all the drawers; he found nothing; all had been spent.

And ferreting thus from room to room he came at last to the one with the throne in it, and feeling fatigued, he sat himself down on it to think over his adventure. In the meanwhile the people had found their King and his ministers with their feet in the air on the pavement, and they had gone into the palace to know how it had occurred. On entering the throne-room, when the crowd saw that there was already someone on the royal seat, they broke out in cries of surprise and joy:

`The King is dead, long live the King!   Heaven has sent us down this thing.'

Drakestail, who was no longer surprised at anything, received the acclamations of the people as if he had never done anything else all his life.

A few of them certainly murmured that a Drakestail would make a fine King; those who knew him replied that a knowing Drakestail was a more worthy King than a spendthrift like him who was lying on the pavement. In short, they ran and took the crown off the head of the deceased, and placed it on that of Drakestail, whom it fitted like wax.

Thus he became King.

`And now,' said he after the ceremony,; ladies and gentlemen, let's go to supper. I am so hungry!'[15]

[15] Contes of Ch. Marelles.


IN a certain kingdom there lived a Prince Ivan. He had three sisters. The first was the Princess Marya, the second the Princess Olga, the third the Princess Anna. When their father and mother lay at the point of death, they had thus enjoined their son: `Give your sisters in marriage to the very first suitors who come to woo them. Don't go keeping them by you!'

They died, and the Prince buried them, and then, to solace his grief, he went with his sisters into the garden green to stroll. Suddenly the sky was covered by a black cloud; a terrible storm arose.

`Let us go home, sisters!' he cried.

Hardly had they got into the palace, when the thunder pealed, the ceiling split open, and into the room where they were came flying a falcon bright. The Falcon smote upon the ground, became a brave youth, and said:

`Hail, Prince Ivan! Before I came as a guest, but now I have come as a wooer! I wish to propose for your sister, the Princess Marya.'

`If you find favour in the eyes of my sister, I will not interfere with her wishes. Let her marry you, in God's name!'

The Princess Marya gave her consent; the Falcon married her and bore her away into his own realm.

Days follow days, hours chase hours; a whole year goes by. One day Prince Ivan and his two sisters went out to stroll in the garden green. Again there arose a storm-cloud, with whirlwind and lightning.  `Let us go home, sisters!' cries the Prince. Scarcely had they entered the palace when the thunder crashed, the roof burst into a blaze, the ceiling split in twain, and in flew an eagle. The Eagle smote upon the ground and became a brave youth.

`Hail, Prince Ivan! I Before I came as a guest, but now I have come as a wooer!'

And he asked for the hand of the Princess Olga. Prince Ivan replied:

`If you find favour in the eyes of the Princess Olga, then let her marry you. I will not interfere with her liberty of choice.'  The Princess Olga gave her consent and married the Eagle. The Eagle took her and carried her off to his own kingdom.  Another year went by. Prince Ivan said to his youngest sister:

`Let us go out and stroll in the garden green!'

They strolled about for a time. Again there arose a storm-cloud, with whirlwind and lightning.

`Let us return home, sister!' said he.

They returned home, but they hadn't had time to sit down when the thunder crashed, the ceiling split open, and in flew a raven. The Raven smote upon the floor and became a brave youth. The former youths had been handsome, but this one was handsomer still.

`Well, Prince Ivan! Before I came as a guest, but now I have come as a wooer! Give me the Princess Anna to wife.'

`I won't interfere with my sister's freedom. If you gain her affections, let her marry you.'

So the Princess Anna married the Raven, and he bore her away into his own realm. Prince Ivan was left alone. A whole year he lived without his sisters; then he grew weary, and said:

`I will set out in search of my sisters.'

He got ready for the journey, he rode and rode, and one day he saw a whole army lying dead on the plain. He cried aloud, `If there be a living man there, let him make answer! Who has slain this mighty host?'

There replied unto him a living man:

`All this mighty host has been slain by the fair Princess Marya Morevna.'

Prince Ivan rode further on, and came to a white tent, and forth came to meet him the fair Princess Marya Morevna.

`Hail, Prince!' says she; `whither does God send you? and is it of your free will or against your will?'

Prince Ivan replied, `Not against their will do brave youths ride!'

`Well, if your business be not pressing, tarry awhile in my tent.'

Thereat was Prince Ivan glad. He spent two nights in the tent, and he found favour in the eyes of Marya Morevna, and she married him. The fair Princess, Marya Morevna, carried him off into her own realm.

They spent some time together, and then the Princess took it into her head to go a warring. So she handed over all the house- keeping affairs to Prince Ivan, and gave him these instructions:  `Go about everywhere, keep watch over everything; only do not venture to look into that closet there.'

He couldn't help doing so. The moment Marya Morevna had gone he rushed to the closet, pulled open the door, and looked in-- there hung Koshchei the Deathless, fettered by twelve chains. Then Koshchei entreated Prince Ivan, saying:

`Have pity upon me and give me to drink! Ten years long have I been here in torment, neither eating nor drinking; my throat is utterly dried up.'

The Prince gave him a bucketful of water; he drank it up and asked for more, saying:

`A single bucket of water will not quench my thirst; give me more!'

The Prince gave him a second bucketful. Koshchei drank it up and asked for a third, and when he had swallowed the third bucketful, he regained his former strength, gave his chains a shake, and broke all twelve at once.

`Thanks, Prince Ivan!' cried Koshchei the Deathless, `now you will sooner see your own ears than Marya Morevna!' and out of the window he flew in the shape of a terrible whirlwind. And he came up with the fair Princess Marya Morevna as she was going her way, laid hold of her and carried her off home with him. But Prince Ivan wept full sore, and he arrayed himself and set out a- wandering, saying to himself, `Whatever happens, I will go and look for Marya Morevna!'

One day passed, another day passed; at the dawn of the third day he saw a wondrous palace, and by the side of the palace stood an oak, and on the oak sat a falcon bright. Down flew the Falcon from the oak, smote upon the ground, turned into a brave youth, and cried aloud:

`Ha, dear brother-in-law! how deals the Lord with you?'

Out came running the Princess Marya, joyfully greeted her brother Ivan, and began inquiring after his health, and telling him all about herself. The Prince spent three days with them; then he said:

`I cannot abide with you; I must go in search of my wife, the fair Princess Marya Morevna.'

`Hard will it be for you to find her,' answered the Falcon. `At all events leave with us your silver spoon. We will look at it and remember you.' So Prince Ivan left his silver spoon at the Falcon's, and went on his way again.

On he went one day, on he went another day, and by the dawn of the third day he saw a palace still grander than the former one and hard by the palace stood an oak, and on the oak sat an eagle. Down flew the Eagle from the oak, smote upon the ground, turned into a brave youth, and cried aloud:

`Rise up, Princess Olga! Hither comes our brother dear!'

The Princess Olga immediately ran to meet him, and began kissing him and embracing him, asking after his health, and telling him all about herself. With them Prince Ivan stopped three days; then he said:

`I cannot stay here any longer. I am going to look for my wife, the fair Princess Marya Morevna.'

`Hard will it be for you to find her,' replied the Eagle. `Leave with us a silver fork. We will look at it and remember you.'  He left a silver fork behind, and went his way. He travelled one day, he travelled two days; at daybreak on the third day he saw a palace grander than the first two, and near the palace stood an oak, and on the oak sat a raven. Down flew the Raven from the oak, smote upon the ground, turned into a brave youth, and cried aloud:

`Princess Anna, come forth quickly I our brother is coming.'  Out ran the Princess Anna, greeted him joyfully, and began kissing and embracing him, asking after his health and telling him all about herself. Prince Ivan stayed with them three days; then he said:

`Farewell! I am going to look for my wife, the fair Princess Marya Morevna.'

`Hard will it be for you to find her,' replied the Raven. `Anyhow, leave your silver snuff-box with us. We will look at it and remember you.'

The Prince handed over his silver snuff-box, took his leave, and went his way. One day he went, another day he went, and on the third day he came to where Marya Morevna was. She caught sight of her love, flung her arms around his neck, burst into tears, and exclaimed:

`Oh, Prince Ivan! why did you disobey me and go looking into the closet and letting out Koshchei the Deathless?'

`Forgive me, Marya Morevna! Remember not the past; much better fly with me while Koshchei the Deathless is out of sight. Perhaps he won't catch us.'

So they got ready and fled. Now Koshchei was out hunting. Towards evening he was returning home, when his good steed stumbled beneath him.

`Why stumblest thou, sorry jade? Scentest thou some ill?' The steed replied:

`Prince Ivan has come and carried off Marya Morevna.' `Is it possible to catch them?'

`It is possible to sow wheat, to wait till it grows up, to reap it and thresh it, to grind it to flour, to make five pies of it, to eat those pies, and then to start in pursuit--and even then to be in time.' Koshchei galloped off and caught up Prince Ivan.

`Now,' says he, `this time I will forgive you, in return for your kindness in giving me water to drink. And a second time I will forgive you; but the third time beware! I will cut you to bits.'  Then he took Marya Morevna from him, and carried her off. But Prince Ivan sat down on a stone and burst into tears. He wept and wept--and then returned back again to Marya Morevna. Now Koshchei the Deathless happened not to be at home.

`Let us fly, Marya Morevna!'

`Ah, Prince Ivan! he will catch us.'

`Suppose he does catch us. At all events we shall have spent an hour or two together.'

So they got ready and fled. As Koshchei the Deathless was returning home, his good steed stumbled beneath him.

`Why stumblest thou, sorry jade? Scentest thou some ill?'

`Prince Ivan has come and carried off Marya Morevna.'

`Is it possible to catch them?'

`It is possible to sow barley, to wait till it grows up, to reap it and thresh it, to brew beer, to drink ourselves drunk on it, to sleep our fill, and then to set off in pursuit--and yet to be in time.'  Koshchei galloped off, caught up Prince Ivan:

`Didn't I tell you that you should not see Marya Morevna any more than your own ears?'

And he took her away and carried her off home with him.

Prince Ivan was left there alone. He wept and wept; then he went back again after Marya Morevna. Koshchei happened to be away from home at that moment.

`Let us fly, Marya Morevna!'

`Ah, Prince Ivan! he is sure to catch us and hew you in pieces.'

`Let him hew away! I cannot live without you.

So they got ready and fled.

Koshchei the Deathless was returning home when his good steed stumbled beneath him.

`Why stumblest thou? Scentest thou any ill?'

`Prince Ivan has come and has carried off Marya Morevna.'

Koshchei galloped off, caught Prince Ivan, chopped him into little pieces, put them into a barrel, smeared it with pitch and bound it with iron hoops, and flung it into the blue sea. But Marya Morevna he carried off home.

At that very time the silver articles turned black which Prince Ivan had left with his brothers-in-law.

`Ah!' said they, `the evil is accomplished sure enough!'

Then the Eagle hurried to the blue sea, caught hold of the barrel, and dragged it ashore; the Falcon flew away for the Water of Life, and the Raven for the Water of Death.

Afterwards they all three met, broke open the barrel, took out the remains of Prince Ivan, washed them, and put them together in fitting order. The Raven sprinkled them with the Water of Death--the pieces joined together, the body became whole. The Falcon sprinkled it with the Water of Life--Prince Ivan shuddered, stood up, and said:

`Ah! what a time I've been sleeping!'

`You'd have gone on sleeping a good deal longer if it hadn't been for us,' replied his brothers-in-law. `Now come and pay us a visit.'  `Not so, brothers; I shall go and look for Marya Morevna.'  And when he had found her, he said to her:

`Find out from Koshchei the Deathless whence he got so good a steed.'  So Marya Morevna chose a favourable moment, and began asking Koshchei about it. Koshchei replied:

`Beyond thrice nine lands, in the thirtieth kingdom, on the other side of the fiery river, there lives a Baba Yaga. She has so good a mare that she flies right round the world on it every day. And she has many other splendid mares. I watched her herds for three days without losing a single mare, and in return for that the Baba Yaga gave me a foal.'

`But how did you get across the fiery river?'

`Why, I've a handkerchief of this kind--when I wave it thrice on the right hand, there springs up a very lofty bridge, and the fire cannot reach it.'

Marya Morevna listened to all this, and repeated it to Prince Ivan, and she carried off the handkerchief and gave it to him. So he managed to get across the fiery river, and then went on to the Baba Yaga's. Long went he on without getting anything either to eat or to drink. At last he came across an outlandish bird and its young ones. Says Prince Ivan:

`I'll eat one of these chickens.'

`Don't eat it, Prince Ivan!' begs the outlandish bird; `some time or other I'll do you a good turn.'

He went on farther and saw a hive of bees in the forest.

`I'll get a bit of honeycomb,' says he.

`Don't disturb my honey, Prince Ivan!' exclaims the queen- bee; `some time or other I'll do you a good turn.'

So he didn't disturb it, but went on. Presently there met him a lioness with her cub.

`Anyhow, I'll eat this lion cub,' says he; `I'm so hungry I feel quite unwell!'

`Please let us alone, Prince Ivan!' begs the lioness; `some time or other I'll do you a good turn.'

`Very well; have it your own way,' says he.

Hungry and faint he wandered on, walked farther and farther, and at last came to where stood the house of the Baba Yaga. Round the house were set twelve poles in a circle, and on each of eleven of these poles was stuck a human head; the twelfth alone remained unoccupied.

`Hail, granny!'

`Hail, Prince Ivan! wherefore have yon come? Is it of your own accord, or on compulsion?'

`I have come to earn from you an heroic steed.'

`So be it, Prince! You won't have to serve a year with me, but just three days. If you take good care of my mares, I'll give you an heroic steed. But if you don't--why, then you mustn't be annoyed at finding your head stuck on top of the last pole up there.'  Prince Ivan agreed to these terms. The Baba Yaga gave him food and drink, and bade him set about his business. But the moment he had driven the mares afield, they cocked up their tails, and away they tore across the meadows in all directions. Before the Prince had time to look round they were all out of sight. Thereupon he began to weep and to disquiet himself, and then he sat down upon a stone and went to sleep. But when the sun was near its setting the outlandish bird came flying up to him, and awakened him, saying:

`Arise, Prince Ivan! The mares are at home now.'

The Prince arose and returned home. There the Baba Yaga was storming and raging at her mares, and shrieking:

`Whatever did ye come home for?'

`How could we help coming home?' said they. `There came flying birds from every part of the world, and all but pecked our eyes out.'

`Well, well! to-morrow don't go galloping over the meadows, but disperse amid the thick forests.'

Prince Ivan slept all night. In the morning the Baba Yaga says to him:

`Mind, Prince! if you don't take good care of the mares, if you lose merely one of them--your bold head will be stuck on that pole!'

He drove the mares afield. Immediately they cocked up their tails and dispersed among the thick forests. Again did the Prince sit down on the stone, weep and weep, and then go to sleep. The sun went down behind the forest. Up came running the lioness.  `Arise, Prince Ivan! The mares are all collected.'

Prince Ivan arose and went home. More than ever did the Baba Yaga storm at her mares and shriek:

`Whatever did ye come back home for?'

`How could we help coming back? Beasts of prey came running at us from all parts of the world, and all but tore us utterly to pieces.'

`Well, to-morrow run off into the blue sea.'

Again did Prince Ivan sleep through the night. Next morning the Baba Yaga sent him forth to watch the mares.

`If you don't take good care of them,' says she, `your bold head will be stuck on that pole!'

He drove the mares afield. Immediately they cocked up their tails, disappeared from sight, and fled into the blue sea. There they stood, up to their necks in water. Prince Ivan sat down on the stone, wept, and fell asleep. But when the sun had set behind the forest, up came flying a bee, and said:

`Arise, Prince! The mares are all collected. But when you get home, don't let the Baba Yaga set eyes on you, but go into the stable and hide behind the mangers. There you will find a sorry colt rolling in the muck. Do you steal it, and at the dead of night ride away from the house.'

Prince Ivan arose, slipped into the stable, and lay down behind the mangers, while the Baba Yaga was storming away at her mares and shrieking:

`Why did ye come back?'

`How could we help coming back? There came flying bees in countless numbers from all parts of the world, and began stinging us on all sides till the blood came!'

The Baba Yaga went to sleep. In the dead of the night Prince Ivan stole the sorry colt, saddled it, jumped on its back, and galloped away to the fiery river. When he came to that river he waved the handkerchief three times on the right hand, and suddenly, springing goodness knows whence, there hung across the river, high in the air, a splendid bridge. The Prince rode across the bridge and waved the handkerchief twice only on the left hand; there remained across the river a thin, ever so thin a bridge!

When the Baba Yaga got up in the morning the sorry colt was not to be seen! Off she set in pursuit. At full speed did she fly in her iron mortar, urging it on with the pestle, sweeping away her traces with the broom. She dashed up to the fiery river, gave a glance, and said, `A capital bridge!' She drove on to the bridge, but had only got half-way when the bridge broke in two, and the Baba Yaga went flop into the river. There truly did she meet with a cruel death!

Prince Ivan fattened up the colt in the green meadows, and it turned into a wondrous steed. Then he rode to where Marya Morevna was. She came running out, and flung herself on his neck, crying:

`By what means has God brought you back to life?'

`Thus and thus,' says he. `Now come along with me.'

`I am afraid, Prince Ivan! If Koshchei catches us you will be cut in pieces again.'

`No, he won't catch us! I have a splendid heroic steed now; it flies just like a bird.' So they got on its back and rode away.  Koshchei the Deathless was returning home when his horse stumbled beneath him.

`What art thou stumbling for, sorry jade? Dost thou scent any ill?'

`Prince Ivan has come and carried off Marya Morevna.'

`Can we catch them?'

`God knows! Prince Ivan has a horse now which is better than I.'

`Well, I can't stand it,' says Koshchei the Deathless. `I will pursue.'

After a time he came up with Prince Ivan, lighted on the ground, and was going to chop him up with his sharp sword. But at that moment Prince Ivan's horse smote Koshchei the Deathless full swing with its hoof, and cracked his skull, and the Prince made an end of him with a club. Afterwards the Prince heaped up a pile of wood, set fire to it, burnt Koshchei the Deathless on the pyre, and scattered his ashes to the wind. Then Marya Morevna mounted Koshchei's horse and Prince Ivan got on his own, and they rode away to visit first the Raven, and then the Eagle, and then the Falcon. Wherever they went they met with a joyful greeting.  `Ah, Prince Ivan! why, we never expected to see you again. Well, it wasn't for nothing that you gave yourself so much trouble. Such a beauty as Marya Morevna one might search for all the world over--and never find one like her!'

And so they visited, and they feasted; and afterwards they went off to their own realm.[3]

[3]  Ralston.


THERE was once upon a time a couple of rich folks who had twelve sons, and when the youngest was grown up he would not stay at home any longer, but would go out into the world and seek his fortune. His father and mother said that they thought he was very well off at home, and that he was welcome to stay with them; but ho could not rest, and said that he must and would go, so at last they had to give him leave. When he had walked a long way, he came to a King's palace. There he asked for a place and got it.  Now the daughter of the King of that country had been carried off into the mountains by a Troll, and the King had no other children, and for this cause both he and all his people were full of sorrow and affliction, and the King had promised the Princess and half his kingdom to anyone who could set her free; but there was no one who could do it, though a great number had tried. So when the youth had been there for the space of a year or so, he wanted to go home again to pay his parents a visit; but when he got there his father and mother were dead, and his brothers had divided everything that their parents possessed between themselves, so that there was nothing at all left for him.

`Shall I, then, receive nothing at all of my inheritance?' asked the youth.

`Who could know that you were still alive--you who have been a wanderer so long?' answered the brothers. `However, there are twelve mares upon the hills which we have not yet divided among us, and if you would like to have them for your share, you may take them.'

So the youth, well pleased with this, thanked them, and at once set off to the hill where the twelve mares were at pasture. When he got up there and found them, each mare had her foal, and by the side of one of them was a big dapple-grey foal as well. which was so sleek that it shone again.

`Well, my little foal, you are a fine fellow!' said the youth.  `Yes, but if you will kill all the other little foals so that I can suck all the mares for a year, you shall see how big and handsome I shall be then!' said the Foal.

So the youth did this--he killed all the twelve foals, and then went back again.

Next year, when he came home again to look after his mares and the foal, it was as fat as it could be, and its coat shone with brightness, and it was so big that the lad had the greatest difficulty in getting on its back, and each of the mares had another foal.  `Well, it's very evident that I have lost nothing by letting you suck all my mares,' said the lad to the yearling; `but now you are quite big enough, and must come away with me.'

`No,' said the Colt, `I must stay here another year; kill the twelve little foals, and then I can suck all the mares this year also, and you shall see how big and handsome I shall be by summer.'  So the youth did it again, and when he went up on the hill next year to look after his colt and the mares, each of the mares had her foal again; but the dappled colt was so big that when the lad wanted to feel its neck to see how fat it was, he could not reach up to it, it was so high? and it was so bright that the light glanced off its coat.  `Big and handsome you were last year, my colt, but this year you are ever so much handsomer,' said the youth; `in all the King's court no such horse is to be found. But now you shall come away with me.'

`No,' said the dappled Colt once more; `here I must stay for another year. Just kill the twelve little foals again, so that I can suck the mares this year also, and then come and look at me in the summer.'

So the youth did it--he killed all the little foals, and then went home again.

But next year, when he returned to look after the dappled colt and the mares, he was quite appalled. He had never imagined that any horse could become so big and overgrown, for the dappled horse had to lie down on all fours before the youth could get on his back, and it was very hard to do that even when it was lying down, and it was so plump that its coat shone and glistened just as if it had been a looking-glass. This time the dappled horse was not unwilling to go away with the youth, so he mounted it, and when he came riding home to his brothers they all smote their hands together and crossed themselves, for never in their lives had they either seen or heard tell of such a horse as that.

`If you will procure me the best shoes for my horse, and the most magnificent saddle and bridle that can be found,' said the youth, `you may have all my twelve mares just as they are standing out on the hill, and their twelve foals into the bargain.' For this year also each mare had her foal. The brothers were quite willing to do this; so the lad got such shoes for his horse that the sticks and stones flew high up into the air as he rode away over the hills, and such a gold saddle and such a gold bridle that they could be seen glittering and glancing from afar.

`And now we will go to the King's palace,' said Dapplegrim-- that was the horse's name, `but bear in mind that you must ask the King for a good stable and excellent fodder for me.'

So the lad promised not to forget to do that. He rode to the palace, and it will be easily understood that with such a horse as he had he was not long on the way.

When he arrived there, the King was standing out on the steps, and how he did stare at the man who came riding up!

`Nay,' said he, `never in my whole life have I seen such a man and such a horse.'

And when the youth inquired if he could have a place in the King's palace, the King was so delighted that he could have danced on the steps where he was standing, and there and then the lad was told that he should have a place.

`Yes; but I must have a good stable and most excellent fodder for my horse,' said he.

So they told him that he should have sweet hay and oats, and as much of them as the dappled horse chose to have, and all the other riders had to take their horses out of the stable that Dapplegrim might stand alone and really have plenty of room.

But this did not last long, for the other people in the King's Court became envious of the lad, and there was no bad thing that they would not have done to him if they had but dared. At last they bethought themselves of telling the King that the youth had said that, if he chose, he was quite able to rescue the Princess who had been carried off into the mountain a long time ago by the Troll.

The King immediately summoned the lad into his presence, and said that he had been informed that he had said that it was in his power to rescue the Princess, so he was now to do it. If he succeeded in this, he no doubt knew that the King had promised his daughter and half the kingdom to anyone who set her free, which promise should be faithfully and honourably kept, but if he failed he should be put to death. The youth denied that he had said this, but all to no purpose, for the King was deaf to all his words; so there was nothing to be done but say that he would make the attempt.  He went down into the stable, and very sad and full of care he was. Then Dapplegrim inquired why he was so troubled, and the youth told him, and said that he did not know what to do, `for as to setting the Princess free, that was downright impossible.'  `Oh, but it might be done,' said Dapplegrim. `I will help you; but you must first have me well shod. You must ask for ten pounds of iron and twelve pounds of steel for the shoeing, and one smith to hammer and one to hold.'

So the youth did this, and no one said him nay. He got both the iron and the steel, and the smiths, and thus was Dapplegrim shod strongly and well, and when the youth went out of the King's palace a cloud of dust rose up behind him. But when he came to the mountain into which the Princess had been carried, the difficulty was to ascend the precipitous wall of rock by which he was to get on to the mountain beyond, for the rock stood right up on end, as steep as a house side and as smooth as a sheet of glass. The first time the youth rode at it he got a little way up the precipice, but then both Dapplegrim's fore legs slipped, and down came horse and rider with a sound like thunder among the mountains. The next time that he rode at it he got a little farther up, but then one of Dapplegrim's fore legs slipped, and down they went with the sound of a landslip. But the third time Dapplegrim said: `Now we must show what we can do,' and went at it once more till the stones sprang up sky high, and thus they got up. Then the lad rode into the mountain cleft at full gallop and caught up the Princess on his saddle-bow, and then out again before the Troll even had time to stand up, and thus the Princess was set free.

When the youth returned to the palace the King was both happy and delighted to get his daughter back again, as may easily be believed, but somehow or other the people about the Court had so worked on him that he was angry with the lad too. `Thou shalt have my thanks for setting my Princess free,' he said, when the youth came into the palace with her, and was then about to go away.  She ought to be just as much my Princess as she is yours now, for you are a man of your word,' said the youth.

`Yes, yes,' said the King. `Have her thou shalt, as I have said it; but first of all thou must make the sun shine into my palace here.'

For there was a large and high hill outside the windows which overshadowed the palace so much that the sun could not shine in.  `That was no part of our bargain,' answered the youth. `But as nothing that I can say will move you, I suppose I shall have to try to do my best, for the Princess I will have.'

So he went down to Dapplegrim again and told him what the King desired, and Dapplegrim thought that it might easily be done; but first of all he must have new shoes, and ten pounds of iron and twelve pounds of steel must go to the making of them, and two smiths were also necessary, one to hammer and one to hold, and then it would be very easy to make the sun shine into the King's palace.

The lad asked for these things and obtained them instantly, for the King thought that for very shame he could not refuse to give them, and so Dapplegrim got new shoes, and they were good ones. The youth seated himself on him, and once more they went their way, and for each hop that Dapplegrim made, down went the hill fifteen ells into the earth, and so they went on until there was no hill left for the King to see.

When the youth came down again to the King's palace he asked the King if the Princess should not at last be his, for now no one could say that the sun was not shining into the palace. But the other people in the palace had again stirred up the King, and he answered that the youth should have her, and that he had never intended that he should not; but first of all he must get her quite as good a horse to ride to the wedding on as that which he had himself. The youth said that the King had never told him he was to do that, and it seemed to him that he had now really earned the Princess; but the King stuck to what he had said, and if the youth were unable to do it he was to lose his life, the King said. The youth went down to the stable again, and very sad and sorrowful he was, as anyone may well imagine. Then he told Dapplegrim that the King had now required that he should get the Princess as good a bridal horse as that which the bridegroom had, or he should lose his life. `But that will be no easy thing to do,' said he, `for your equal is not to be found in all the world,'

`Oh yes, there is one to match me,' said Dapplegrim. `But it will not be easy to get him, for he is underground. However, we will try. Now you must go up to the King and ask for new shoes for me, and for them we must again have ten pounds of iron, twelve pounds of steel, and two smiths, one to hammer and one to hold, but be very particular to see that the hooks are very sharp. And you must also ask for twelve barrels of rye, and twelve slaughtered oxen must we have with us, and all the twelve ox-hides with twelve hundred spikes set in each of them; all these things must we have, likewise a barrel of tar with twelve tons of tar in it. The youth went to the King and asked for all the things that Dapplegrim had named, and once more, as the King thought that it would be disgraceful to refuse them to him, he obtained them all.  So he mounted Dapplegrim and rode away from the Court, and when he had ridden for a long, long time over hills and moors, Dapplegrim asked: `Do you hear anything?'

`Yes; there is such a dreadful whistling up above in the air that I think I am growing alarmed,' said the youth.

`That is all the wild birds in the forest flying about; they are sent to stop us,' said Dapplegrim. `But just cut a hole in the corn sacks, and then they will be so busy with the corn that they will forget us.'

The youth did it. He cut holes in the corn sacks so that barley and rye ran out on every side, and all the wild birds that were in the forest came in such numbers that they darkened the sun. But when they caught sight of the corn they could not refrain from it, but flew down and began to scratch and pick at the corn and rye, and at last they began to fight among themselves, and forgot all about the youth and Dapplegrim, and did them no harm.

And now the youth rode onwards for a long, long time, over hill and dale, over rocky places and morasses, and then Dapplegrim began to listen again, and asked the youth if he heard anything now.  `Yes; now I hear such a dreadful crackling and crashing in the forest on every side that I think I shall be really afraid,' said the youth.

`That is all the wild beasts in the forest,' said Dapplegrim; `they are sent out to stop us. But just throw out the twelve carcasses of the oxen, and they will be so much occupied with them that they will quite forget us.' So the youth threw out the carcasses of the oxen, and then all the wild beasts in the forest, both bears and wolves, and lions, and grim beasts of all kinds, came. But when they caught sight of the carcasses of the oxen they began to fight for them till the blood flowed, and they entirely forgot Dapplegrim and the youth.

So the youth rode onwards again, and many and many were the new scenes they saw, for travelling on Dapplegrim's back was not travelling slowly, as may be imagined, and then Dapplegrim neighed.

`Do you hear anything? he said.

`Yes; I heard something like a foal neighing quite plainly a long, long way off,' answered the youth.

`That's a full-grown colt,' said Dapplegrim, `if you hear it so plainly when it is so far away from us.'

So they travelled onwards a long time, and saw one new scene after another once more. Then Dapplegrim neighed again.

`Do you hear anything now?' said he.

`Yes; now I heard it quite distinctly, and it neighed like a full- grown horse,' answered the youth.

`Yes, and you will hear it again very soon,' said Dapplegrim; `and then you will hear what a voice it has.' So they travelled on through many more different kinds of country, and then Dapplegrim neighed for the third time; but before he could ask the youth if he heard anything, there was such a neighing on the other side of the heath that the youth thought that hills and rocks would be rent in pieces.

`Now he is here!' said Dapplegrim. `Be quick, and fling over me the ox-hides that have the spikes in them, throw the twelve tons of tar over the field, and climb up into that great spruce fir tree. When he comes, fire will spurt out of both his nostrils, and then the tar will catch fire. Now mark what I say--if the flame ascends I conquer, and if it sinks I fail; but if you see that I am winning, fling the bridle, which you must take off me, over his head, and then he will become quite gentle.'

Just as the youth had flung all the hides with the spikes over Dapplegrim, and the tar over the field, and had got safely up into the spruce fir, a horse came with flame spouting from his nostrils, and the tar caught fire in a moment; and Dapplegrim and the horse began to fight until the stones leapt up to the sky. They bit, and they fought with their fore legs and their hind legs, and sometimes the youth looked at them. and sometimes he looked at the tar, but at last the flames began to rise, for wheresoever the strange horse bit or wheresoever he kicked he hit upon the spikes in the hides, and at length he had to yield. When the youth saw that, he was not long in getting down from the tree and flinging the bridle over the horse's head, and then he became so tame that he might have been led by a thin string.

This horse was dappled too, and so like Dapplegrim that no one could distinguish the one from the other. The youth seated himself on the dappled horse which he had captured, and rode home again to the King's palace, and Dapplegrim ran loose by his side. When he got there, the King was standing outside in the courtyard.

`Can you tell me which is the horse I have caught, and which is the one I had before?' said the youth. `If you can't, I think your daughter is mine.'

The King went and looked at both the dappled horses; he looked high and he looked low, he looked before and he looked behind, but there was not a hair's difference between the two.  `No,' said the King; `that I cannot tell thee, and as thou hast procured such a splendid bridal horse for my daughter thou shalt have her; but first we must have one more trial, just to see if thou art fated to have her. She shall hide herself twice, and then thou shalt hide thyself twice. If thou canst find her each time that she hides herself, and if she cannot find thee in thy hiding-places, then it is fated, and thou shalt have the Princess.'

`That, too, was not in our bargain,' said the youth. `But we will make this trial since it must be so.'

So the King's daughter was to hide herself first.

Then she changed herself into a duck, and lay swimming in a lake that was just outside the palace. But the youth went down into the stable and asked Dapplegrim what she had done with herself.  `Oh, all that you have to do is to take your gun, and go down to the water and aim at the duck which is swimming about there, and she will soon discover herself,' said Dapplegrim.

The youth snatched up his gun and ran to the lake. `I will just have a shot at that duck,' said he, and began to aim at it.  `Oh, no, dear friend, don't shoot! It is I,' said the Princess. So he had found her once.

The second time the Princess changed herself into a loaf, and laid herself on the table among four other loaves; and she was so like the other loaves that no one could see any difference between them.

But the youth again went down to the stable to Dapplegrim, and told him that the Princess had hidden herself again, and that he had not the least idea what had become of her.

`Oh, just take a very large bread-knife, sharpen it, and pretend that you are going to cut straight through the third of the four loaves which are lying on the kitchen table in the King's palace --count them from right to left--and you will soon find her,' said Dapplegrim.

So the youth went up to the kitchen, and began to sharpen the largest bread-knife that he could find; then he caught hold of the third loaf on the left-hand side, and put the knife to it as if he meant to cut it straight in two. `I will have a bit of this bread for myself,' said he.

`No, dear friend, don't cut, it is I!' said the Princess again; so he had found her the second time.

And now it was his turn to go and hide himself; but Dapplegrim had given him such good instructions that it was not easy to find him. First he turned himself into a horse-fly, and hid himself in Dapplegrim's left nostril. The Princess went poking about and searching everywhere, high and low, and wanted to go into Dapplegrim's stall too, but he began to bite and kick about so that she was afraid to go there, and could not find the youth. `Well,' said she, `as I am unable to find you, you must show yourself; `whereupon the youth immediately appeared standing there on the stable floor.

Dapplegrim told him what he was to do the second time, and he turned himself into a lump of earth, and stuck himself between the hoof and the shoe on Dapplegrim's left fore foot. Once more the King's daughter went and sought everywhere, inside and outside, until at last she came into the stable, and wanted to go into the stall beside Dapplegrim. So this time he allowed her to go into it, and she peered about high and low, but she could not look under his hoofs, for he stood much too firmly on his legs for that, and she could not find the youth.

`Well, you will just have to show where you are yourself, for I can't find you,' said the Princess, and in an instant the youth was standing by her side on the floor of the stable.

`Now you are mine!' said he to the Princess.

`Now you can see that it is fated that she should be mine,' he said to the King.

`Yes, fated it is,' said the King. `So what must be, must.'  Then everything was made ready for the wedding with great splendour and promptitude, and the youth rode to church on Dapplegrim, and the King's daughter on the other horse. So everyone must see that they could not be long on their way thither.[20]  [20] From J. Moe,